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Down Under Update! 10/10/2010

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G’day beautiful friends!  Hope this is finding you well, in good health, and blessed 🙂  So here we are in the beginning of the Spring/Summer season here in OZ!  The weather has been insane lately!  Sometimes, it’s raining in the morning and freezing, then flipping hot in the afternoon!  I’ve been to the beach a few times over the last few weeks!  I’m currently on College Spring Break!  I’m going to help with the ACC(Australian Christian Churches) State Conference about 5 hours away!  It’ll be a few days spent leading youth from all over this country!  I’m excited!  I also found a new place to live at the end of this semester which is $150 cheaper!  Thank God for that!  It’s a house that is a 5 minute walking distance from church/college instead of 25!  I already know and am friends with the girls I’m moving in with AND I’ll have my own room!  It’s surely been a challenge to share…but my roommate has been great!  I am still looking for a job, so please be praying for that!  I have an interview at the Apple store soon and I have an in-store trial at a clothing store sometime in the next couple of weeks!  It’s still crazy to realise I’ve lasted here 9 months without a steady job!  God is faithful and so good to me!  I still wake up sometimes and pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming!  The reality sets in every time I walk in the doors for church!  I really love my church and community of friends I have here!  Some of my friends will be leaving for good in November which will be really sad, but I know they are going on to continue what God has planned for them 🙂  In second year, we get to choose where we want to serve on the weekends.  I have made my choice to serve at the Northern Beaches extension service!  It’s a small congregation that meets on Sunday mornings at a golf club that overlooks the ocean!  It is so beautiful, and I am a beach girl…get me near that ocean air and I seem to be instantaneously refreshed and HAPPY 🙂  In about 3 weeks, we are going to have the Hillsong Men’s Conference and the Annual Album recording!  I’ll try to get to the front so ya’ll can see me 😉  I’m so pumped to be a part of a live Hillsong album recording!  It’s gonna be such a beautiful time of worship to our God.  He has been so good to me and I have SOOO much to be thankful for 🙂  Well, I’ll try to update this a little more…if you haven’t already, add me on Facebook: Roxi Ansari, follow me on Twitter: roxannamarie and/or add me on Skype: roxannamarie !  Also, here is my address once again–I love getting letters/cards!!

41/3 Cavalry Grove

Glenwood, NSW 2768 Australia!

I hope you have a wonderful day/night (whenever you may read this depending on where you are in the world!)



PS: Lastly, here is a copy of a kind of recent update if you didn’t get a chance to read it…

Dear family and friends-

Here is the LONG awaited update from Down Under!  I just started my second semester of college a couple of weeks ago and it’s going great!  I am growing a lot spiritually and musically!  We have 2 songs we have to write this semester and I’m looking forward to getting back into writing!  I had a job for a little while, but got let go.  I’m in the middle of trying to find another one.  God is surely taking care of me week-to-week though!  I’m constantly amazed by His incredible faithfulness to me.  At the end of July, we had our Hillsong Conference which was an incredible event to be a part of!  25,000+ people in one arena, worshipping God and gaining new insights into the Word.  I am a leader in the youth group here as well and we have been seeing 4-20 salvations per week!  It’s incredible to be a part of this amazing Church and the Body of Christ as a whole!  I feel so blessed that God placed me here for such a time as this!  I cannot wait to see what all He has in store for my life in this season!
I am planning on doing all three years of Bible College here.  So far, I have only paid for one year so I am asking for some help!  My birthday is in a few weeks and Christmas a few months after that!  I have to pay my first round of tuition for second year by 17 January 2011.  The total for the year is: $4,639.44-I already paid for my 3-year visa and health coverage at the beginning of this year.  My rent is about $500 per month and it has been a bit of a struggle sometimes.  I am also in need of a car because it will make working so much easier.  Life is really difficult without a car and buses are really expensive!  BUT God has done miracles in my 7.5 months here.  I know He has purposed me to be here!  He is always faithful to complete the work He starts!  I really need some support to continue my studies here and to continue the dreams and ministry God has placed in my heart.
I trust that He will provide for me as He has done countless times already, but I just wanted to see if any of my friends and family could help me out!  If you are able to support me monthly, even if it’s $10 a month, it really helps.  Technically, there are 5 months until I have to pay tuition.  Would you please consider helping me monthly or a one-time help?  If so, please email me back and we can discuss options to help out!
I would so appreciate your support and thank you so much to those who have supported me already.  Just know you are pouring into my life and I in turn am pouring into others’ lives all around me.  I cannot wait to see what God does in my life over these next few years and I am praying tons for all of you!  If you want to send anything, my address is:
41/3 Cavalry Grove
Glenwood, NSW 2768 Australia
My mobile number is: 0424 589 687-it’s free for me to receive calls, but be mindful that there is a huge time difference 😉
I love you guys so much!  Thank you for everything you’ve poured into my life over the last few years!  I appreciate your prayers as well-they’re just as important 🙂




A Quick Update! 07/04/2010

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G’day Mates and Family!

I hope this update is finding all of you well!  I am loving, loving, loving life here in Sydney!  It’s more and more becoming home to me!  I finally got a job as of today at a restaurant called Mad Mex.  It’s a lot like a Chipotle, Moe’s or Q’Doba…it’s good for starters!  I still want another cafe/coffee shop job-but for now, I’ll take what I can get 🙂  We had a huge Easter dinner on Monday night-we had like 16 of our good friends over!  It was great fun!  Life has been good here!  It’s been a bit challenging money-wise.  Everything is so darn expensive here!  God has been good to me though and I’m constantly seeing His hand on my life!  I’m growing more and more as a person into the woman God created me to be!  I love my church!  To see what Hillsong is up to this year, check out this video: . We are all about changing lives and empowering people to love others!  We just had our women’s conference a few weeks back and my heart was so broken for the initiatives we are gonna be helping with!  You can check out the videos here for all the things we are up to: and also .  I have begun volunteering with the A-21 Campaign (  It’s a campaign to help free girls from human trafficking.  There are still 27 million people in slavery today.  I believe God has given me a vision to help change our world at large.  Please continue to keep me in your prayers as I listen to His voice on what I’m to do with my life!  My plan for now, is to finish up 3 years of College here and possibly do an extra year and a half to get my degree!  I’m always open to what God has for me though!  I have a performance this Monday that I am pretty excited about!  I’m gonna try and get it on video and send the link out to everyone!  Once again, if any of you would like to help support my while I am here and for whatever other adventures God calls me to, you may send money to:

Stephanie Smith

75 Old Stone Lane

Youngsville, NC 27596

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support!  Much love to all of you!  If you want my address here in Sydney, message me at !  I pray you all will have an amazing and blessed week!  Let me know of any prayer requests you may have-I love praying for you guys!


A day in the city I’ve dreamed of… 17/02/2010

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A few days after I got to Sydney, a group of students went to the city!  We took a bus, a train AND a ferry!  It was great, great fun!  I’m gonna go back sometime at night-because it’s breathtaking!  I love it here SO SO SO much!  I’m gonna keep this updated more often!  Hope you are all having a wonderful time…to be continued…


Flight to the Land Down UNDER…

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Well, the flight was 14 dang hours!  SO long!!!!!  It was cool though.  I met a neat couple who were from Wilmington, NC.  They kinda “parented” me through the airport 🙂  I got in at like 9:30am on Monday morning!  Crazy-right?  I left Saturday night from the US and flew only 14 hours-but it was 2 days later!  I arrived feeling crazy, excited, and just not too sure of what to expect.  Well, I wandered around the airport for over 2 hours because I was looking for someone with a Hillsong sign or one with my name on it…I finally found a dude to give me some money to make a call and I called the school office.  They told me to wait at Macca’s (AKA MacDonald’s) and a shuttle would be there shortly to pick me up!  I met another guy at Macca’s that was on his way to college as well!  The shuttle FINALLY came and picked us up.  We got to church, met some folks and paid our rent!  Then we went shopping for all the normal stuff you need like toilet paper, sheets, towels, and everything of the like!  All in all-it was a grand adventure!  AND THE STORY CONTINUES…


the Dream Center, LA, Hollywood and Rodeo Drive

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Hey friends-I know this is a tad late!  I have some time on my hands, so I thought I’d catch up 🙂  I left North Carolina on Friday morning and flew into LAX about noon!  I had never been to Cali before, so I was pumped to go!  My friend Michelle, who works at the Dream Center, picked me up.  I had so much fun!  The Dream Center was the most amazing outreach-they are doing a lot to reach their community!  It is SO incredible!  I spent the day and night with her.  We also went down to “Skid Row” at night-it was heartbreaking.  The next morning, my close friend Jennie picked me up!  We went downtown, to Hollywood, Rodeo Drive and the Santa Monica Pier!  California is a really beautiful place!  Had I not been on my way to move to Sydney, I would have considered Cali 🙂  I had IN-N-OUT burger and it was FLIPPING good 🙂  The fries weren’t so much!  Anyways, I got on my plane to Sydney at about 11pm on Saturday night…(the story continues)


Thanksgiving… 25/11/2009

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Well friends, tomorrow is the age-old holiday of Thanksgiving AKA Turkey Day AKA Tofurkey Day for the veggies 😉  I am so thankful, maybe more this year than ever-because I am less than 6 weeks away from my life-long dream!  God has truly been so good to me.  Sometimes, I don’t understand why He does things for me-I know I am His daughter, but I let Him down time and time again…yet He is always faithful and SO giving!  I want to be more like my Father-I want to be able to hold my arms out to someone who lets me down time and time again.  I want to give: my ears for listening, my mouth for speaking things that are not as though they are and for speaking the truth in love, my eyes to see what God sees in every person who comes across my path, my arms to hug someone in need, my legs to deliver the Good News to someone who hasn’t heard it, my belongings to those less fortunate than myself, my finances to the Lord for His good work, and my very breath for the praise and worship of my Beautiful Saviour and Creator.  I believe worship and thanksgiving go hand-in-hand.  When you begin to thank God for all He has made, you can’t help but remember His blessings, all the times He’s come through just-in-time, His sacrifice of love, His creation-I know you get the picture.  So let’s take this Thanksgiving and give ourselves-to others and most of all to the Lover of our Souls.  Let’s worship Him in thankfulness!


Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year… 18/11/2009

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Yes, that season is upon us!  BUT we need to remember to be THANKFUL first!  We have more than we need, especially here in the US.  Instead of focusing on ourselves and we can get-let’s GIVE!  Giving doesn’t always mean money-you can give of your time, your talents, your prayers, stuff out of your closet, etc.etc. I was just thinking about how we all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, why not make this year’s holidays brighter for those less fortunate than us!  I personally wanna keep at least 4/5 $5 fast food cards in my wallet to give away to people in need.  Who else wants to join me in the effort?  I have less than 2 months left here in the US but I want them to count…I don’t wanna leave in January still hoping I can do something more.  There are also many charity organizations that you could give a Christmas gift to.  Some of them are,, Operation Christmas Child,, and many more!  You can also buy some shoes from TOMS-every pair you buy, they donate another pair to a child in need.  These all specialize in giving to the hungry, poor, sick, trafficked and naked!  Let’s do something to make this season bright for others!  Jesus came and gave up His heavenly rights because He LOVED us-let’s show His love to the world this holiday season!  Loving others is the best way to show them Jesus.  “Jesus didn’t die to give us religion, He died to give us Love” -the i-heart film